I am a beginner for the WLS App Server, I have the follow questions need your expertise
advise. Thanks in advance!

1. First, I installed the WLS 8.1 in physical machine #1 with domain name as 'testdomain'
, the admin server name is 'adminserver', a managed server is 'myserver1'. the
next, I need to build up the 2nd managed server 'myserver2' with domain 'testdomain'
in physical machine #2, I have the WLS 8.1 on my hand, what's the set up procedure
for the 2nd managed server in machine #2?

2. If the machine #1 and #2 are clustered in OS level (Windows 2003), is there
any side effect to the WLS App Server 8.1 clustering?

3. If there is a Java client application (not Web Client) trying to login to the
clustered WLS 8.1 servers though the t3 protocol within local LAN, How does it
support the client with load balancing & fail-over?

4.Is there any instruction on Weblogic Express Premium Edition (support Clustering)
link up with the WLS Application Server 8.1?