Windows 2000

Created a config based on the template for a WLS with Workshop - "cgServer".
Changed /startWeblogic.cmd to include the extra classes I need to execute
my startup class.

Added 2 new servers via the Admin console (http://localhost:7001/) entitled "cgServer2"
and "cgServer3"
Added a cluster and added cgServer2 and cgServer3 to the cluster.

Targetted startup class to the cluster.

Stop everything.
Start cgServer via the startWeblogic.cmd script - OK.
Start cgServer2 via the startManagedWeblogic.cmd script - OK.
Start cgServer3 via the startManagedWeblogic.cmd script - OK.

if I try and start the managed servers via the admin console, each server reports
that it cannot find the startup class:
<11-Feb-2004 11:00:34 o'clock CET> to invoke startup class "ClusteredMQJMSStartup", java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
Failed to invoke startup class "ClusteredMQJMSStartup", java.lang.ClassNotFoundException.

What have I missed in the configuration of the Node Manager (I assume it is that)?
I want cgServer to be the admin server and cgServers 2 and 3 to be my application
servers, and I will not have everything on the same machine, so I need to use
the Admin console to manage the cluster and ind its managed-servers.

FYI - the same code with the same configuration for a single server (no cluster)
works fine.

Thanks in advance ... KSS