Hi All,

One of our customer is facing issue with pinned RMI service in cluster environment.It's
a critical issue as the application is deployed in production environment.

We have box1 and box2 in cluster.We bound a pinned RMI object "ORSImpl " to Box1
& register in RMI Registry. If the Box2 try to look-up the RMI object "ORSImpl"
register with Box1,it's giving an exception:


I have one doubt:
1) When we create the pinned service in Box1 by using weblogic.rmic,Will it be
available in

cluster-wide JNDI tree,or only on JNDI tree of Box1?

Please help me in this critical issue because the customer is facing this problem
from last
two months.

Waiting to hear from you.

Thanking you in advance.

Warm regards,