Hi everyone,

please help me.

Till now I did not have cluster in my project. I had only one weblogic server
running in my domain and it is server1.

Now I want to make a cluster of 2 servers say server1 and server2 where server2
will be running one special ejb component say spejb.jar. All other ejbs will be
deployed on server1.

As per my knowledge, the stagedTargets indicate the servers having latest version
of the application and in this case I want to mention server1 because i will be
keeping all the latest versions in server1. Does the following piece of config.xml
work correctly in this scenario ?

Path="./config/domain/applications/ejb" StagedTargets="server1">

I guess, targets should be server2 and that is the only change i will have to
do ?
If I mention target="server1", I guess there is no point in having server2.

Since I want to run spejb.jar only on server2, I guess I do not have to mention
clustername as the targets.

I would highly appreciate if anyone can guide me in this matter.