We are using WLS 6.1sp4 to cluster a portal application and are using the Apache
WLS plug-in in our configuration.

We are able to set-up our cluster (2 managed servers) successfully on one physical
machine. When accessing our cluster via the url http://uatportal, we are intermittently
seeing double references of index.jsp in our url. For example: http://uatportal/index.jsp/index.jsp.
Upon reviewing our access logs on Apache we are seeing a http code of 302 whenever
we see the double reference of index.jsp in our URL. When we remove the index.jsp/index.jsp
fragment from our URL, we are able to see the pages from our portal app.

Anyone come across this scenario and have any ideas on how to fix this problem?
In a single server instance, we do not see this problem occurring for us.