> We have a similar problem and would like to turn off db-shared
> property on entity beans. But this is what I got from BEA site. It
> says that we cannot do that in a clustered environment bcoz of
> caching limitations. We would like to use clustering ONLY for
> fail-over and would like not to hit the database so many time.
> Your thoughts please.

If you have an EJB-based app already in production, follow Sam's advice for
an instant improvement in read access speeds. (I also covered this approach
in one of the WebLogic user group presentations I did. I think it's
available on the downloads section of the Tangosol site.)

The downside of the optimistic concurrency model + caching between
transactions is that you are subject to more rollbacks in a transactional
application. Your application should already be designed to handle rollbacks
from optimistic concurrency control mechanisms (i.e. if another concurrent
user changes the same data), so hopefully you would not have to make changes
to take advantage of that.

If you simply need to share live data among the servers in the cluster and
avoid going to the database for that data, then I suggest you try our
Coherence product. It allows you to manage that data in the cluster, instead
of using the database as the "shared store" for it. Since the data is in the
cluster, the access times are instant, and the database also becomes much
less loaded and thus can process the "real" database work much more


Cameron Purdy
Tangosol, Inc.
Tangosol Coherence: Clustered Replicated Cache for Weblogic

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