Hi guys,

There is something I don't understand in the configuration of a cluster

Let's say I have a cluster involving tree server, the admin one and two managed
on two different hosts

MulticastPort="7777" Name="MSL"/>

What I don't understand is where should I configure my cluster in the config.xml
file, in the way that my clients only need to use a unique and single URL to connect
to the WLS CLUSTER, let's say for example something like that
that make the cluster access totalty transparent regards to its internal configuration

Actually I succeeded to set up a cluster that matches the description above (1
admin, 2 managed on two hosts), but unfornutately when it comes to set up the
URL to connect to the CLUSTER, I need to use either the url t3://:7011
or the URL t3://::7012
But if one of the host (ie host1,host2) is unreachable, I cannot access to the

Any Idea ????