"Aravind Krishnasamy" wrote:
>F5 or BigIp provides hardware level load balancing and it injects date
>inside weblogic cookie and maintains server affinity.
>"ageorge" wrote in message
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>> Hello,
>> We are looking for a hardware based solution to load balance 4
>> unclustered weblogic servers. These servers are software replicas

>> each other and share a common database. We need a solution that
>> provides session level server stickiness based on jsessionid as both

>> cookie and url rewrite. Currently we have Cisco load balancers which
>> do not handle the url rewrite due to the fact the the load balancer
>> only "sees" what is after the question mark in the url and the
>> jsessionid is before the question mark. Example:

>> I'm sure we are not the only ones trying to do this. Any suggestions
>> would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Alan George