Ive seen some posts on the same subject but doesnt help.

Exception during handshake.
javax.net.ssl.SSLKeyException: FATAL Alert: BAD_CERTIFICATE - A corrupt or unusable
certificate was received at com.certicom.tls.interfaceimpl.TLSConnectionImpl.f ireException(Unknown

I am on solaris 8, wls 7.0 no sp. Trying to set up the examples server as an admin
server. Ive added my own weblogic generated certificate and added it to my keystore
and used weblogic.ImportPrivateKey to import it to the new keystore ive created
using the keystore. weblogic admin server is pointed to this keystore, changed
demo cert, demo key to my private certificates and everything is fine with ssl
on the admin server.
Ive added a new managed server with the same jdk used by the admin server, same
test certificate and key as everything is in the same machine. My hostname on
the machine is 'unknown' as i am having some solaris network issues but i have
defined the machine name as machine1, added it to the nodemanager.hosts and /etc/hosts.

Hostname verification is ignored in the admin server, managed server configuration
& the node manager startup. Node manager on the machine is started which starts
fine but the ssl handshake is not happenning when i start it. Everything is using
the test certificate with the key password, hostname verification is off. I have
even went ahead and added this certificate to the trusted ca keystore (cacerts)
of the JDK. doesnt work, it generates an alert though.

Even if we use the demo certificate that ships with weblogic, where is the difference
? Is it a un-encrypted key? The pkpassword is supplied everywhere from the admin
server to the managed server to the node manager. SSL is working.

It would be great if someone can enlighten me on the series of steps to get the
SSL handshake and the 'trust' to manage administration.