Kanda wrote:
> I've setup a WLS Cluster environment on Solaris 8 with Apache Plug-in proxy and
> using BigIP for Load Balancing. Based on plug-in documentation, I've copied the
> *.so files from WLS to Apache and changed the httpd.conf file to point to virtual
> IP/Port # instead of cluster IP.
> After doing this I can see the Web Service request forwarding to WLS if I try
> to access from one of the Apache installed box, If I try from outside, request
> are not forwarded to WLS Web Page instead I'm able to see APache home page
> If I use cluster IP ( 3 address with comma seperated) in httpd.conf everthing
> is fine.
> If some one encounters and know how to resolve will be very helpful to me , since
> we are going live soon.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kanda.V

You should approach support if you going to production soon. I am
guessing you Apache configuration is incorrect.


-- Prasad