we are using the Apache Plugin (for Apache 2.0.039) to forward requests to
our WebLogic 8.1 Cluster on a Windows 2000 platform. Generally, it seems to
work, but unfortunately, we sometimes notice some strange behavior:

- After sending the requests it takes a very very long time until
a response is sent (sometimes it takes so long we just interrupt
the request and resend it).

- Sometimes, stylesheets, javascript files and images are not loaded (they
are all static, but served by the BEA WLS, too.)

I enabled ALL logging of the Apache BEA Plugin, and the only idea I have is
that there is a caching problem: When the browser sends a request to get an
image, the log says something like this (lines were cut a little bit to
improve readability, comments in "<..>"):

New Request: [GET /app/global/img/logo.png HTTP/1.1]
Hdrs from clnt:[Accept]=[*/*]
<... various correct headers>
Hdrs to WLS:[Accept]=[*/*]
<... the same as sent by client and:>
Hdrs to WLS:[WL-Proxy-SSL]=[false]
Hdrs to WLS:[WL-Proxy-Client-IP]=[] <-- CLIENT IP !!! >
Hdrs to WLS:[X-WebLogic-Request-ClusterInfo]=[true]
Hdrs to WLS:[x-weblogic-cluster-hash]=[KE8H2Ht/1A3QtQ/k6be4CKfEVBA]
<... some more output ...>
Hdrs from WLS:[Date]=[Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:16:33 GMT]
Hdrs from WLS:[Server]=[WebLogic WebLogic Server 8.1 ]
Hdrs from WLS:[Content-Length]=[0] < content-length == 0 ? >
Hdrs from WLS:[Connection]=[Close]
<... some more output ...>
Hdrs to client:[Date]=[Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:16:33 GMT]
Hdrs to client:[Server]=[WebLogic WebLogic Server 8.1 ]
canRecycle: conn=1 status=304 isKA=0 clen=0 isCTE=0
closeConnection in load_utils: deleting URL*
r->status=304 returning 0

After this request, the client does not get the image it requested.
As 304 is the HTTP status for "NOT MODIFIED" I guess I have a caching problem
here, but I do not know where and how to track it.

Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance!