which version of WLS are you using? You should consider profiling the admin
server to see what is piling up. There shouldn't be any thing but
management/configuration/recovery related traffic to admin server do you do
any dynamic deployments / JMX ops. Do you have any applications deployed to
the admin server.


"Jcatlos" wrote in message
> Hi,
> we are having a problem in our clustered environment during performance

> WE are testing 150 concurrent users in the following environment:
> 1 load balancer
> 2 web servers
> 2 app server instances (each on its own solaris box)
> 1 admin server (located on the APP server 1 box)
> Each solaris box has 2 900mhz CPUs and 4GB of memory.
> during the testing, the following occurs:
> 1. system CPU usage on app server 1 box goes way up and redlines the

> 2. user cpu usage goes down on app server 1 box
> 2. system and user CPU usage goes way down on App server 2 box.
> we know the memory usage on the app server instance is ok, from looking at

> logs.
> however, what we are concerned about is that the admin server instance is

> out of memory. we have it set to -ms64m -mx64m. Unfortunately, the admin

> logs were not captured, and we cannot repeat the tests for a while. so,

in the
> mean time, I pose this question:
> 1. if the admin server ran out of memory, would you expect to see behavior

> to what I described above?
> 2. what is the current thinking on how much memory should be allotted to

> admin server?