init method would be called once per server.

"Marco" wrote:
>hi all,
> i have a clustered environment with 1 adminserver and 4 managedserver
>WLS 7.0.
>i have written a servlet that acts as a cache for database data, since
>to that data takes time and EJB entity was not considered a proper solution
>our apps need just to read data from Database.
>so we decided to opt for a servlet that will have internally a cache
>of the DB
>data, and all the apps that need to retrieve data from DB will contact
>the servlet
>via HTTP.
>Now, issue is that in its init() method the servlet loads the data from
>the database,
>and if i deploy the servlet in the clustered environment mentioned above,
>many times the servlet will be initialized? only once since it is in
>a cluster
>or one time per server (and thus 6)?
>can anyone clarify me?
>thanx and regards
> marco