Hi all,

I have to work on MAX-4 Controller, a soft-PLC that has VxWorks real-
time operating system. I'd like to change the controller MAC Address
(hardware address) but the PLC development environment does not allow
me to make it. Therefore the only possibility is to create an
application with VxWorks but when I try to connect the Workbench to
system target I always obtain errors (error in the back-end).

There are some VxWorks applications in order to change MAC address in
Internet, but I can't use them because I can't download the
application on target.

Someone can tell me if is it possible to download and to execute on
the controller a VxWorks application or the controller can't permit
it? If it is possible how can I do?

In few words can I use the VxWorks Workbench to create and use an
application on controller operating system or only the owner
development environment can do it?

P.S.: I use the standard general purpose platform downloaded from the
Wind River site. The controller is a MAX-4 of ELAU

I hope you can help me