I have trying to implement an END driver for L2. For that purpose i'm
looking at one of the preexisting ones(vxworks-6.4\target\src\drv\end
\fei82557End.c).Since i'm a newbie on network programming , i have
some beginner questions.

My driver(SDLC Driver) will send/receive data from Network Layer. So I
decided to use MUX interface for this. Is this a good idea ?

1-)In order to use MUX interface i have to provide some funs. to this
interfaces to send/receive data from L3. And so does the softwarech
which runs on L3 too.Right ?

2-)At the source code which I gave ,(fei82557End.c) i saw the
structure NET_FUNCS,which is initialised by some FUNCPTR's .Is this
the place where functions register themselves to MUX interface?

If the answer is yes , after properly initialising NETFUNCS and
END_OBJ's , when I receive a data from L1 , it will automatically
transferred to L3 and vice versa , right ?

3-)A function called endM2Init its called in endLoad function. WND
help says this is for MIB statistics. Statistics ? I thought it is the
interface between my driver and MIB files. My driver gets the
parameters from this function ? Right?

4-)Is this thing called "MIB" , nothing but a configuration

Sorry for the number of questions.