Hello Group ,

The Tornando Information on our target system is : Vxworks 5.4.1

I am seeing an issue where file allocation table seems to be corrupted. The issues is random and not consistent .After loading vxworks and in our application we are trying to read a file the read operation fails although there is plenty of memory available( Got by memShow) . After this i am unable to read or display any file .

Some observations made are as below :

1) When i try to connect to the sytem through ftp and try to copy the files
- The files withsize less than 32 kb is copied successfuly
- The copy on files with size more than 32 kb reports error and copies only 32 kb of data
2) When access the file system through dos/linux/ftp i see the original file sizes .

Clealy the file allocation table is not updated.

And when this issue happens , when i reboot the system the Vxworks boot hangs because the vxworks image size is also reduced to 32 kb.

Have you seen this issue with the Vxworks earlier / any existing issues is present ?
Whats the maximum limit of file file allocation table entry ?
Or any pointer as to what might be wrong ?

Feel free to contact me for any other information .

Would help a lot if the group can show some light on this issue .

Thanks in advance .