Hi all,

I have some doubts related to Files system used for Block Device. if any body can help me on this i will be so thankful to all of you. My doubts are-

(1) I have one 64GB Mass Storage Block Device Card and i have a driver for this card. the driver detects the card as a 4 (16 GB each) usb Device with names (/bd0, /bd5 etc.).
I do not have a File System to access the Flash Devices of this card So my question is can i use any File System to access the Flash Device of my mass storage card..?

(2) my card architecture is like this ....

pci/ usb Bridge (2)---> usb Host Controller (4)---> nand Flash Chips (4)

with each pci to usb bridge i have two usb host controllers and one flash chip on one host controller.

so to access the Flash Device i have to go via Driver of this card. The Driver provides some function to read write sectors of flash device to File System.

also The Driver provides one function called.... bulkMountDrive---->mounts a drive to the DOSFS

within this function they are creating a dosFs Device....

so can i use only DosFs File System to access the Flash Device..?

Thanks and Best Regards