I create usb device driver for scanner on x86 platform. the device is correctly found after power-up,but when to create a link to the device in the physical layer, which needs endpoint number, endpoint address, interface values and configuration values to create communication pipe between the client and the device endpoint . according to this idea. function usbdPipeCreate() is called. but return failed. .
I checked the parameters of this function, details in the following:
if (usbdPipeCreate (usbdHandle,
pScanDev-> scanDevId, ----- the real value of nodeid = 2
pOutEp-> endpointAddress, ---- endpoint 2 BULK OUT type value =3
pScanDev-> configuration, ----- configure the value =1
pScanDev-> interface, ------- interface to a value = 0
maxPacketSize, ---- the largest packet 64
& (pScanDev-> outPipe))
! = OK)
logMsg ( "usbScanPhysDevCreate: Error creating bulk out pipe \ n",
0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
goto errorExit;
so i cannot get the pipe handle correctly. i cannot continue any way.
Is there somebody familiar with this.please help me.
my vxworks version is 6.6.