I am trying to move from a pentium 3 board with 1 Gig RAm to a pentium 4 board with 2 Gig RAM and here is what happens.
I have two PCI boards, one is an off the shelf NI GPIB and the other is an in-house-developed data acquisition board.
I can successfully map both boards on the Pentium 3 board (1 Gig RAM) start up VxWorks with no problem, but when I re-build it for a Pentium 4 and run it on the new board with Pentium 4 (2 Gig) I get an error during VxWorks startup and the system hangs.

The error I get is "virtual memory overlap" in sysPhysMemDesc[9].

If I modify the BSP to only map just one of the boards (doesn't matter which board) the system comes up just fine. As soon as I tried to map them one after the other the system hangs. I also tried changing the order in which they are mapped by swapping the lines in sysHwInit () with no success.

The in-house-developed PCI board required memory is 0x80000
The off-the shelf NI GPIB PCI board required memory is 0x4000

As shown, I am no where near the limits of the available memory but the system keeps crashing.
The other problem I have is the inability to output any information during VxWorks startup as when I am in sysHwInit (), I don't think any of the log/printf features are ready. or am I missing how to use them...?

Anybody out there has any ideas...?

Appreciate any thoughts.