I am trying to access the PCI Configuration Space by writing few lines of the code in the function “void usrAppInit( void )”. The function is as below,

void usrAppInit (void)
USER_APPL_INIT; /* for backwards compatibility */

/* add application specific code here */
if ( pciFindDevice (VENDOR_ID,DEVICE_ID,0,&pciBusNo,&pciDevNo,&pciFuncNo) != ERROR)
printf("BUS NUMBER = %d\n", pciBusNo);
printf("DEVICE NUMBER = %d\n", pciDevNo);
printf("FUNCTION NUMBER = %d\n", pciFuncNo);

But while building the project, it is giving the below error,

partialImage.o: In function `usrAppInit':

C:\WindRiver\workspace\PCPentium4GNUImage\default/../usrAppInit.c:61: undefined reference to `pciConfigLibInit'

make[1]: *** [vxWorks] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/WindRiver/workspace/PCPentium4GNUImage/default'

C:\WindRiver\workbench-3.0\x86-win32\bin\make.exe: *** [target_vxWorks] Error 2

Build Failed in Project 'PCPentium4GNUImage' (Process Exit Value was 2): 2009-07-13 16:38:32 (Elapsed Time: 00:18)

Can anyone help me to solve this error?

Thanks & Regards
Amit Tavag