I'm using logLib on a 4-processor board, and if I use logMsg from the first processor, no issues. If I use it from all the processors EXCEPT the first processor, no issues. But when I use from all 4 processors, only the messages from the first processor are being printed. Actually, each proc#1 message has one or two characters from the other processors' logMsg calls, but that's it.

Looking through the logLib docs, I don't see anything that says logTask has preferential treatment for the logMsg calls from the same processor that logTask is running on. I don't see anything about setting priority for message queue writes that logMsg performs.

I would think that there is only one queue that logTask is reading from, so it has to be a shared memory message queue for logMsg to be able to send inter-processor messages to be queue'ed up.

Am I missing some configuration option, or is this just a feature with no work around? Is logTask reading from 4 queues?