What is the VxWorks FTP Server syntax for creating a new folder? When
connecting to the VxWorks server by a Windows FTP Client, issuing the MKDIR
command is failing with a command unrecognized error 500.

I watched a sniffer trace of a program that works with the VxWorks FTP
Server, and it is perplexing to me. The program logs in and does NOT
create any folders, then issues the command

CWD foldernamefoo

and now I see the folder created in /FlashFS/foldernamefoo but all of the
folders that were previously under /FlashFS/ are gone? I am perplexed by
this behavior because I see no explicit command to create folderfoo nor did
I see any explicit command to delete the old folders. Can anyone help me
understand what is going on here?

Is there a good overview document that deals with the VxWorks FTP Server
that could give me some background on this?