I have some queries about file system in VxWorks.

1. How we will know whether file system is enabled or not in our
VxWorks system ?

2. If it is enabled, how can I identify path to load / save files ?

We have one VxWorks system (Tornado2.2 MIPS) in which we will load
files from the path where we stored our BSP.

For example, if my BSP is stored in path "D:\bsp\vxworks", Then we
configure the target server by giving the target file system as "D:\bsp

then We copy the files which needs to be accessed in vxworks system to
the path "D:\bsp\vxworks". And we access them using the convention "./

I am not sure for all VxWorks systems same logic works.

Please give me some ideas regarding this. Please let me know if you
need further information.

Thank you !