plzz help... trying to port image file to target for 4 days.....
i will write all procedure me did till now....

1. i made a boot floppy by using mkboot a: bootrom.bin(after formatting)
2.i got v1.6+++ in console and in host machine i got

VxWorks System Boot

Copyright 1984-2005 Wind River Systems, Inc.

Version: VxWorks 6.4
BSP version: 2.0/7
Creation date: Nov 8 2006, 05:54:36

me Out (Sec)

Press any key to stop auto-boot...

[VxWorks Boot]:

3. then i made a vxworks system image file with bsp pentium 4 and diab compiler

then i loaded that image file in file name (D:\WindRiver\workspace\image2\default\vxWorks)

4. in ftp server me gave sijith as user name and home directory (D:\WindRiver\workspace\image2\default)
then i gave a password (hello)

5.[VxWorks Boot]: @

boot device : fd=0,0
unit number : 0
processor number : 0
host name : host
file name : vxWorks
inet on ethernet (e) :
host inet (h) :
gateway inet (g) :
user (u) : sijith
ftp password (pw) : hello
flags (f) : 0x0

Attaching to floppy disk device... done.
Loading vxWorks...Erroneous header read

Error loading file: errno = 0x610001.

[VxWorks Boot]:

what i have to do.... plzz guide me...
tnks in advance...
plzz give any replys