Hello, All

I hope You'll try to help me with searching m-systems mDOC H3 driver
for vxWorks 5.5.
I'm using such devices:

SDED7-128M-NHT (formerly MD2534-d1G-X-P)
SDED7-256M-NHT (formerly MD2534-d2G-X-P)

I have only alpha version of this driver from m-systems and I think,
that some features are not implemented in it, because there are a lot
of empty mDoc initialization functions.

The file copying speed of this mDOC H3 is 487715 bytes/sec using cp()
function. I have to increase this value, because this device can work
more faster!

Now questions:
1) how can I check the DMA is working?
2) is it will be correct to use burst and DMA?
3) how can I do increasing I/O operations (I'm using vxWorks 512KB
disk cache) ?

And the main question: has everyone the new version of mDOC H3 driver
for vxWorks....