Hi everybody,

I have Senbo ADT800 Driver for Vxworks V1.0. There are two files
offered: 1) ADT800.o, the main driver document, containing all the API
functions ; 2) ADT800.h, the API functions'statement header file,
which must be included before the use of API functions.

Because we just have Pentium BSP on Workbench, I follow the
instructions to do the following work: 1) copy ADT800.o to $
2) from project window In Workbench, select "Properties ..."
item, first select "Macros" page, then select "EXTRA_MODULES" macro
and modify its value as "$ (WIND_BASE) / target/lib/objPENTIUMgnutest/
ADT800.o", finally click "OK" button .

There is a sample program for testing the driver.I add it to the
project.However, When I download the module, it it fails citing
"unresolved symbol: _all the API functions".

Why does it fail?
Can you give me some pointers?

I will appreciate your helping me!