I am using vxWorks 5.5,

I build a BSP image which supports DHCP server by setting
INCLUDE_DHCPS in config.h. The DHCP server is and I have a
notebook whose MAC address is 00:01:02:aa:bb:ca.

I tried two configuration for BSP but only second one can successfully
respond DHCP request to my notebook. On other words, I have to assign
the client's MAC address to DHCP server.

1. dhcpsLeaseEntryAdd("entry1", "",
2. dhcpsLeaseEntryAdd("entry2", "", "","clid=

I need to configure my DHCP server to support dynamic IP range, does
anyone have any ideas about what's wrong in my configuration? Or what
steps lost when I built DHCP server??

Thank you,

Best Regards,