i am working in vxworks 6.3 ,workBench 2.5. for a project.In our
target there is soundcard(LM7) and we have the drivers(came with card)
for that card and the user interface for the drivers.There is no
proper documentation (may be its beyond my level) for how to use it.
In BSP there has to be an ACCESS LAYER for the application to interact
with the drivers.In our target bsp i did't find any of it for the
My question is whether i can directly use the user level api's to
access my device by integrating it into the kernel.if it so can i use
these directly from RTP.
Note:ACCESS LAYER i.e., open,ioctl api's that i was much familiar to
use.i am new to this environment and vxworks.

Thanx in advance.