Hi friends,

I want to test the WindML VGA driver in X86 board. I configured the
configuration with Build WindML object and Build WindML examples.

After building from WindML configuration Tool, in Tornado Project
Utility, it is not showing any VGA driver in graphics device. It shows
only WindML graphics support (PCI
device) in graphics device.

I do not know what are objects, I have to downlod into VxWorks. I
have done the following sequence.

ld < wndml.o
ld < ugldemo.o
ugldemo 4

After this, it is not displaying anything on the VGA screen. The
screen is blank (black).
But the board is not in hang. NumLock and CapsLock are working.

I have included the PS2 Keyboard, Complete 2D library and WindML
graphics support (PCI device) into VxWokrs

I am using Platorms on consumer devices version 2.0, Tornado 2.2.1
and VxWorks 5.5.1.

Please give the testing method and why it is not showing the VGA
driver in graphics device components in Tornado.

Without WindML, BootROM and VxWorks are working.