I'm using MPC850:

SCC2/SCC3 for ethernet, SMC2 for debug console,SMC1 for
communication with GPS,in addition, I have a I2C interface.

because SCC2's patameter RAM overlay SMC1's paramter RAM, so SMC1
will stop after working a minutes.

for solving this problem,I download a microcode patch,it's name is
"MPC8xx I2C/SPI and SMC Relocation Microcode Package",but I don't know
how to use this microcode package,my question is:

1) how to update this microcode package to MPC850?

2) what do I need do in my BSP file? whether every time boot up, I
need update this microcode package?

3)because microcode occupies first 1K and last 512 bytes of first
4K DPRAM,so I need change SMC1/SMC2 and SCC2/SCC3's BD parameters ?

best regards