First Introduce my system environment!
Hardware: MVME5100(Motorola) VME Single board computer, Running
vxworks5.4 OS. (100M Ethernet card)
PC ,common P4 Duo processor,Runing linux (SLC305).
(1000M Ethernet card)
Cisco 3750 switch.(1000M Ethe)

MV5100 connect PC(LINUX) with 3750 switch, I spawn two client socket
task(with euqal priority) on vxworks,and startup 2 socket server on
linux,two client socket connect two server socket. after connect
success, vxworks begin send data to linux with full speed, vxworks
send data use send() function, and send data length=2048bytes each
time,linux use recv() function recv data,
Most of the running time, these two sockets works well,each socket
send data speed near 6Mbytes/s, Together send speed is 11Mbytes/s.
My problem is: on running ,occationally, one of the socket will stop
send speed,and get no problem,on the server we will see that no data
can receive,but also have no problem ,seems the socket connect is
ok ,,just no data can transfer ,stange is that, when one socket
block,the other one works well, and can send data with higher speed.
the blocked socket can't trans data time exactly is 60seconds, after
60 seconds ,it will recover to send data.

anyone who had encountered similar question?
Hope for give some opinion,thanks.