Hi friends,
I am working on X86 architecture.

I built the bootrom image in Tornado 2.2/VxWorks 5.5. While booting
the bootrom image, it is not displaying anything on the screen.

It displays like 'V 1.6++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!Rd'

In this image INCLUDE_PC_CONSOLE is defined. I want to boot the
image, so commented the INCLUDE_PC_CONSOLE to enable the serial
communication. After updating this, I created the new bootable project
for taking this configuaration to Project utility. But I did not get
any output from the serial port. I tried the CONSOLE_TTY with 0 and

I do not have the Floppy disk in my system. So for boot disk
creation, I copied the mkboot, vxLoad, Vxsys and bootrom.bin files to
floppy available system. I did not give any error. Is it possible to
create the boot disk, the system in which Tornado is not installed.

In this processor, BIOS is available. In BIOS, the first boot device
is set as floppy. What is the use of BIOS. What exactly it will do?,
then what is the role of VxWorks BSP.

Could we overwite the BIOS setting from vxWorks BSP (like the
Interrupt controller mode)?
What are the options, I have to check in BIOS to solve this problem?

Can I use the BDI to debug the bootrom in the floppy.

Please give some tips to debug this issue.