Hello All,

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent sysctl (or other way) to
retrieve interface information in 6.x for vxworks 5.x call to
sysctl_rtable? This one just get the size for a later call to fill the
interface info.
int mib[3];
size_t data_size;

mib[0] = AF_INET;
mib[1] = NET_RT_IFLIST;
mib[2] = 0;

sysctl_rc = sysctl_rtable(mib, 3, NULL, &data_size, NULL, 0);

I have tried the following (and a couple of minor permutations) but
get an error ...

int mib[6];
size_t data_size;

mib[0] = CTL_NET;
mib[1] = PF_ROUTE;
mib[2] = 0;
mib[3] = AF_INET; /* Tried 0 here for all interfaces as well */
mib[4] = NET_RT_IFLIST;
mib[5] = 0;

sysctl_rc = sysctl(mib, 6, NULL, &data_size, NULL, 0);