I am new user to VxWorks. I am using gcc-ppc604gnu compiler to build
my my application in Tornado2.2.

I have three static libs which are already built in gcc-ppc604gnu
compiler. I want to my application size should be such that it will
contain only those functions which it is using.

I am giving some details how I am giving options:

In the "rules" tab, in target prompt, I am giving as "test.out". In
dependencies prompt, "projectname.a".

In commands prompt, I am giving like below :
$(LD) -r -o $@ --whole-archive $< --no-whole-archive -LC:\test\libs -

After generation of test.out, the size of test.out is so big say it as
1.2MB. But, I need to make it 600KB to load into board.

I heard that --gc-sections can be used for reducing size but "-r" and
"--gc-sections" are not working together...

Can anybody please tell me options to be given for reducing size?