Hi all,

I'm in trouble with NFS.
I need to save some log file (generated by my VxWorks target) to a shared
directory on a Windows NFS server.

I installed and configured the "Windows Services for Unix V.3.5" package on
a Win XP host. Then I arranged that machine to act as a NFS server and to
share a directory to make it accessible from a remote NFS client.

I configured the target VxWorks kernel to act as a NFS client and to mount
all host-exported NFS file systems at boot (NFS_MOUNT_ALL = TRUE).

In fact, now I can access the host exported directory and to list its files.
I can also create a new file in this directory (with a ordinary
"open("/NFSSharedDir/fileName.log", 0x202, 0666)") and write to it (with a
"write(fd, pcBuffer, nBytesNum)"), but...

....the file size cannot exceed 8192 bytes!

I tried to call a "write(fd, pcBuffer, 1024)" function many times and I
found that only the first 16 calls succeed (returning "1024") and that any
following write() fail.
Moreover, *only the first 8 "write()" actually write data to the file* !!!
(in fact, after the 8th write 8 kbytes "appear" in the remote file).

Please, help me to understand the reason for this strange behaviour!
It seems that for some strange reason, the size of the created files cannot
exceed the cluster size (8 kB).

Is there some kernel configuration flag that limits the file size? I tried
to find it but without success.

Thanks in advance for any hint.