I read vxworks programmer's guide and add 3 files into my bootable
vxworks image project.
semExample.h, semTask1.c, semTask2.c.

And from kernel components, I include shared memory objects component.
While compile the project, Tornado 2.2 tells the following error
message in the end.

ldpentium -X -N -e sysInit -Ttext 00308000 \
dataSegPad.o partialImage.o ctdt.o symTbl.o \
-T D:\Tornado2.2P\target\h\tool\gnu\ldscripts\link.RA M -o vxWorks
partialImage.o: In function `smUtilIntConnect':
partialImage.o(.text+0x9525b): undefined reference to `sysIntEnable'
make: *** [vxWorks] Error 0x1


How to solve this problem? Please help me.