HI All,

I'm looking to find out if there are any ABI differences between the
VxWorks 5.5 and 6.2 tool chains regarding C++isms. My scenario is

I am using the 6.2 tool chain to compile and link using VxWorks 5.5
headers and libraries against a mixture of C and C++. The second half
of this equation factors in the fact tha I am also linking in 3rd
party objects build and linked using against VxWorks 5.5 using the 5.5
libraries but built with the 5.5 tool chain.

What I have here is really a difference in ABI's between the 3.2 (5.5)
and 3.3.2 (.6.2) tools chains. Can anyone tell me if you know of any
problems with do this?

Please keep in mind I do not compile 6.2 headers or link 6.2