Hi all

On the Engineering College of Aarhus we work with a number of Pentium
I-equipped SBC's. Basically, they're PC's with M-Systems MD2200 DOCs
for persistent storage.

We recently migrated to VxWorks in the education, and it would seem
that getting a FFS onto these ancient DOCs is a bit of a hassle.
Therefore, we are looking for a replacement. However, the budget does
not allow a lot of time to be spent on an integration effort. So the

Has anyone got good experiences with easy integration of any up-to-
date persistent storage like a DOC? If yes, which one, and what effort
was involved in the integration? If anyone has got experience with
drop-in/pin-compatible replacements for the MD2200, that would be a
real treat (the MD2200 is socket mounted in the SBCs).