Hi All,

I have ATA driver which is recognising the compact flash and after
boot up I call fllowing APIs:
1. ataXbdDevCreate()
2. xbdCreatePartition()
3. dosFsVolFormat() with DOS_OPT_BLANK.

After this, I will create some files and can do any file related
operations on those.
In the above 3 APIs, if I skip 2 and 3 still I am able to reconginse
the partition which I had created earlier using the above APIs. Even I
can recognise the DOS FS and partitions created by vxworks 5.x

But, if I create DOS file system using linux OS on compact flash and
then if I try to recognise that DOS file system from vxworks 6.2, it
does not recognise the file system. Also, the files which I created
after configuring DOS FS from vxworks 6.2, linux drivers are not able
to recognise it.

Is anybody faced similar problem? Can anybody help me out?