I find that my Command gets listed in symtbl.c , But is not getting
invoked from the VxWorks Terminal.
Where could be the problem ?

extern "C" int L2Counters()
printf("\n ********* LLC *********** \n");
printf("\n TotalPkts: %d ",ETHTotalPkts);
return 0;

symtbl.c has the following :
1) IMPORT int L2Counters ();

2) {{NULL}, "L2Counters", (char*) L2Counters, 0, SYM_GLOBAL |

But, i am unable to invoke the "L2Counters" from the Terminal .
Strange !!!
Should i need to configure something . Do i miss something ?
Kindly provide some solution for this.

Thx in advans,
Karthik Balaguru