I find that 'taskShow' and 'i' command show the task status in the
Shell. But, i need a utility to identify the REASON for DEADLOCK in

Further, taskTcb is useful. But this is through our own programming
and I do not want to take this programming approach.
WIND_TCB *wTcb = taskTcb (tid); // get the pointer reference to
specific task
// by passing
tid to taskTcb ( ) API.
if ((wTcb != NULL) && (wTcb-> status&WIND_SUSPEND))
return true;

The above code checks for suspend state alone. To check other state we
can use
WIND_STOP, WIND_PEND, WIND_DELAY, etc . But, i do not want to use this
programming approach.

My VxWorks application goes into Deadlock condition.
How to View/Identify Reason for Deadlock using VxWorks ? I would like
to have a built-in feature in Vxworks that will help in identifying
the Deadlock condition.
I do not want to use this programming approach for finding the reason.

Is there any Feature in Vxworks for identifying the deadlock reason ?
I use PowerPC. Kindly provide me some solution for this

Thx in advans,
Karthik Balaguru