hello everyone:
I configure my customized intel 82546Gb PMC card on my MPC7410 board
using vxWorks 5.5.1.when I configure 100M mode,after vxworks boot
completely,100M-link LED on.when I ping from my host x86 PC(ip: to 82546 port 0 (ip:,100M active LED
active,but 82546 port 0 receive none;and when I ping from 82546 port 0
to my host x86 PC,100M active LED don't active,but 82546 port 0 send
some packet(using ifShwo() function).last,when I ping from 82546 port
0 to itself (ping,it's OK.It's any wrong with my
hardware or software? my hardware diagram is below:

+--------------- + +--------------------+
| |---------- |S558-5999-BA|------Port
0--------------------x86 host PC
| 82546Gb | +-------------------
| |-----------|S558-5999-BA|------Port 1
+----------------+ +-------------------+
I think it may be wrong with magnetics?
Best regards from China hangzhou China!