I am new to vxworks. My application requires sending the IP packets
with application defined IP header.
For this i have created raw socket and enabled the IP_HDRINCL
option.The code fragment looks like following:

if ((sock_fd = socket (AF_INET,SOCK_RAW,IPPROTO_IP)) < 0)
perror("Socket creation Error");

if (setsockopt (sock_fd, IPPROTO_IP, IP_HDRINCL , val, sizeof(one)) <
perror("IP_HDRINCL not enabled");

I believe that when IP_HDRINCL is enabled IP stack should not modify
the IP header. From my observation i could see ip_id field is getting
changed (Even when i am setting ip_id field to non - zero) i.e it is
setting ip_id to current value of global variable _ip_id.

Is there any option which i need to enable in order to maintain the
application given ip_id?

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.