I am trying to Compile the vxWorks Image with the Embedded HTTP sever
that comes with vxWorks 6.2. I am going through the documentation
provided, and that says about using the "Management Interface Tool"
and creating an .rcp project and a few .c and .h files and then running
httpCreate.tcl Script on this project.

Based on the information in the doc, I am able to generate the .rcp
project and .wpj project. Now I have imported this wpj into my work
space and able generate the .out file.

I have used the following procedure for creating my rcp project using
WindRiver Mangagement Integration tool,
1. Created the rcp project by selecting new project from File menu.
2. I have configured this rcp project by selecting the setting option
of the rcp project .
3. Then I have built this project from Build->Build Work bench
Compatible project and generated the wpj project.

Now I have created one image project and then imported the wpj project
to this image project and build the same.

With these I could able to generate the .out file and I have downloaded
the same on to the target. I have tried to run the WMB_COMPONENT_Start,
but I couldn't able to start the server properly. It's showing error as
"httpInit: mudLibInit failed: errno = 0xffffff9c".

Right now I need to test the generated .out file. ie, I need to test
the embedded http server. Would be of help If someone who has
integrated the web server into vxWorks or someone who knows how to do
this could help

Thanks in advance.