I'm using Tornado 2.2.1 IDE. I'm writing generic (template) code,
utilizing the C++ standard library, etc. At issue. The download time
is at least 15 seconds when utilizing I turn optimization on. ( 01 or
02 ). Turn optimization off and the download time is I suspect 1
second ( pretty fast ). This puzzles me as I'm not sure why - with
optimization enabled the download time to the target is significantly
In general I utilize the -frepo option, however, I've tried various
combinations. -frepo with -fmerge-templates ( this combination doesn't
quite make sense but tried nonetheless ), fmerge-templates ( by itself
) and fimplicit-instantiation ( by itself ).

fimplicit-instantiation - proved valuable (the progress bar that's an
indicator of the download progress moved rapidly) however I got all
sorts of unresolved external errors. For some reason this option
doesn't play nice with the C++ standard library.

My target boards is Champ AVIII and Dy4182s.

Ideas? Thanks in advance