Hi vxWorkers,

I used Tornado 2.0/vxWorks 5.4 to build a bootable image based on the
pc386 BSP provided by the Tornado installation. Everything was OK until
I tried to find out how many sections there're in the final image:

C:\Tornado\host\x86-win32\bin>size386 -Ax E:\progs\i386\default\vxworks
E:\progs\i386\default\vxworks :
section size addr
..text 739d0 0
..data 3048 739d0
..bss 8118 76a18
Total 7eb30

It seems that there're no "stab", "stabstr" or similar debugging sections
in the image. But I did check the "include debug info" box in the tornado
builds settings, and the corresponding compiler options are as follows:

-g -mno-486 -ansi -nostdinc -DRW_MULTI_THREAD -D_REENTRANT -fvolatile -nostd
lib -fno-builtin -fno-defer-pop -IE:/progs/i386 -IC:/Tornado/target/config/p
c386 -IC:/Tornado/target/h -IC:/Tornado/target/config/comps/src -IC:/Tornado
/target/src/drv -DCPU=I80386 -DPRJ_BUILD

I tried to disassemble the image file with "objdump386 -d", but every output
line contains only
one single symbol "_sysInit", e.g.,

00000aa0 <_sysInit-107560> movl 0xfffffffc(%ebp),%eax
00000aa3 <_sysInit-10755d> movl %eax,%edx
00000aa5 <_sysInit-10755b> addl %edx,%edx
00000aa7 <_sysInit-107559> addl %eax,%edx
00000aa9 <_sysInit-107557> leal 0x0(,%edx,4),%eax
00000ab0 <_sysInit-107550> addl %eax,%edx
00000ab2 <_sysInit-10754e> movl %edx,%eax
00000ab4 <_sysInit-10754c> shll $0x4,%eax
00000ab7 <_sysInit-107549> movl $0x17bac4,%edx
00000abc <_sysInit-107544> movl 0xfffffffc(%ebp),%ecx
00000abf <_sysInit-107541> movl %ecx,%edi
00000ac1 <_sysInit-10753f> movl %edi,%esi
00000ac3 <_sysInit-10753d> shll $0x6,%esi
00000ac6 <_sysInit-10753a> addl %ecx,%esi
00000ac8 <_sysInit-107538> leal 0x0(,%esi,4),%ecx
00000acf <_sysInit-107531> leal 0x17ea20(%ecx),%ebx
00000ad5 <_sysInit-10752b> movl %ebx,%ecx

I've also tried a new version (2.16.91) of objdump built with the latest
MingW, with no luck.
Now I'm really confused. Why doesn't the "-g" option work as it should? Any
comments would be
appreciated. Thanks.