Hi all,

We want to start using boost libraries ( http://www.boost.org ) during
development of our projects. I have read through their documentation
concerning the building of their libraries, but I was wondering whether
someone has not done it previously, and whether they will indicate the
direction they followed and the possible pitfalls. Maybe give me some
pointers as to where to start :-).

- We currently use VxW. 5.5. We use the Tornado 2.2 environment for
- Current Compiler:

C:\>dcc -V
dcc Rel
Copyright 1986-2005 Wind River Systems, Inc.
build date and time: Jan 12 2005 11:13:28
Build label: unofficial_administrator_20050112_111323
Table: PowerPC Rel.

The other question is, if one can answer the above, is whether the
Tornado environment was used to build there libraries, or whether
you've used the BJam.exe.

Holding thumbs to hear from you :-)

Kind regards