Greetings all,
I am using the Wind River virtual network device (WRTAP) to communicate
between an application running on my PC (Windows XP) and my target
running on a Wind River (vxworks 6.2) simulator target. I've run into
some strange behavior when sniffing the traffic across the virtual
network. Using either WinPcap (via Wireshark) or Microsoft's NetCap I
can capture TCP traffic all day long without issue.

However the problem seems to be that if the traffic is UDP, the capture
utility receives a copy of the datagram but the destination (the
vxworks simulator) never receives said datagram. If I do not use the
capture tools the UDP datagrams are received by the target.

So I'm guessing there is something fishy with the WRTAP's promiscouous
mode, has anyone seen anything like this? Does anyone have an embedded
application using UDP that they can verify they can sniff on the
traffic across the WRTAP?

Thanks in advance,