Hiiiii ,

I am able to flash the Micromonitor on Flash memory and able to boot it
up on a board which has ColdFire as its heart.
But, the Umon is not completely loaded.

But, It goes into a State of Monitor that is not normal.
That is it does not match the INITIALIZE condition (This i found when i
traced through the code to find the reason for exception). Why does it
happen ?

But, anyhow the prompt 'uMon>' comes correctly.

Further, when i try to integrate the application with the Umon -> That
is calling the application .elf file sequentially after the loading of
the umon by changing the source code, I find that the Application is
not getting loaded completely and it is not getting invoked properly.
It shows the errors like : MALLOC Error : Heap Corrupted at Entry 0

MALLOC Error : Heap Corrupted at Entry 16

Kindly share some info / solutions with me with respect to these above

Tons of Thx in advans,
Karthik Balaguru