I have been asked to look at a legacy Tornado 1 system which boots from a
DiskOnChip to see if this can be changed to boot from a compact flash disk.
The compact flash is on the primary channel of the *second* IDE controller.

I dont understand the boot line:

"#define DEFAULT_BOOT_LINE "ide=0,0(0,0)host: ..........."

Where is this documented? What are the 0,0's? I presume I have to change
one of them to say I am using the first disk on the second channel?

I have looked at the documentation for ideDrv() and as a result changed
IDE_INT_LV to 0x0f in pc.h to take into account that I am using the second
IDE controller which defaults to IRQ 15 in the bios.

I am confused by some of the documented ide functions which state the disk
parameter can only be 0 or 1. The primary disk on the second IDE controller
could be considered to be disk number 2. Does VxWorks/Tornado 1 support two
IDE drivers?

Any help gratefully received.